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Graphic that really reading?

The Answer is...YES! Please see what experts have to say.
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Phew...I am really, investigate all the graphic novels Foreman has to offer you!
Below you will find all of the Graphic Material that the Foreman library has ready for circulation. Click each image for more information about the graphic title/series. All books found at 741.5
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1. howls moving castle.jpg2. life sucks.jpg3. mirror window.jpg4. La perdida.jpg

5. soundtrack.jpg6. fullmetal alchemist.jpg7. fullmetal alchemist book 2.jpg8. fullmetal alchemist book 3.jpg

9. fullmetal alchemist book 4.jpg10. fullmetal alchemist book 5.jpg11. fullmetal alchemist book 6.jpg12. fullmetal alchemist book 7.jpg

13. fullmetal alchemist book 8.jpg14. fullmetal alchemist book 9.jpg15. fullmetal alchemist book 10.jpg16. fullmetal alchemist book 13.jpg

17. fullmetal alchemist book 14.jpg18. autobiographix.jpg19. superman.jpg goldfish.jpg

jinx.jpg20. the good neighbors book 1.jpg21. the good neighbors book 2.jpgBilli 99.jpg

Feranheit 451.jpgjohnny hiro.JPG22. legal drug 1.jpg23. legal drug 2.jpg

external image graphicFiction.jpg

24. ghost world.JPG auschwitz.jpeg 25. logicomix.jpg 26. editorial art of edmund duffy.JPG

27. a contract with god.jpg last days in vietnam a memory.jpg external image 14132_900x1350.jpg?itok=_rXGZ1pS

28. the books of magic.jpg SANDMAN PRELUDES.JPG

29. beast of chicago.jpg Dr. Seuss goes to war.jpeg 30. incognegro.jpg 31. supernatural.JPG

jew of new york.jpeg Sgt. rock.jpg 32. sticks and stones.jpg

33. pitch black.jpg 34. bizenghast 1.jpg 35. bizenghaqst 2.jpg

36. bizenghast 3.jpg 37. bizenghast 4.jpg 39. bizenghest 5.jpg 36. bizenghast 6.jpg

40. it was a dark and silly night.jpg 41. strange stories for strange kids.jpg berlin city of stones.jpeg Best war comics.jpg

42. 24 hour comics.jpg external image 51DM1YT8GAL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg 43. understanding comics.jpg
44. pendragon.jpg big clay pot.jpeg

My own little empire.jpg 45. judas 1.jpg 46. judas 2.jpg‚Äč47. judas 3.jpg

48. howl's moving castle.jpg 49. howl's moving castle 2.jpg 50. watchmen.jpg

51. bride's storey 1.jpg 52. brides storey 2.jpg 53. brides storey 3.jpg 54. white death.jpg

55. deathnote 1.jpg 56. deathnote 3.jpg 57. deathnote 4.jpg 58. fallout.jpg

59. interman.JPG 60. book of wierdos.jpg 61. coraline.jpg but i like it.jpg

62. notes from a defeatist.jpg 63. embroderies.jpg 64. peanuts.jpg

65. alichino 1.jpg 66. stiches.jpg 67 bone.jpg 67. baraka and black magic.jpg

68. In_the_Shadow_of_No_Towers.jpg chill.jpg comic art propoganda.jpegthe golem's might swing.jpeg

69. blankets.jpg carnet de voyage.jpg good-bye chunky rice.jpg 70. Death_At_Death's_Door_Vol_1_1.jpg

71. scrapbook.jpg 72. sleepwalk.jpg 73. summer blonde.jpg 74. kings in disguise.jpg

75. Jimmy corrigan.jpg 76. Quimby mouse.jpg 77. arm of kannon 1.jpg

78. arm of kannon 2.JPG 79. arm of kannon 3.jpg 80. arm of kannon 5.jpg 81. american born chineese.jpg

82. God child 1.jpg 83. God child 2.jpg 84. God child 3.jpg 85. God child 4.jpg

86. God child 5.JPG 87. God child 6.JPG 88. God child 7.JPG 89. God child 8.jpg

great anti war cartoons.jpg

90. Deathnote 5.jpg 91. Deathnote 6.jpg 92. the pushman.jpg

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