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Investigate the Richness of Our City:

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Overview of the Foreman HS Chicago Collection

What do you know about Chicago?
You call Chicago home but what do you really know (or don't know) about those things that make our city unique?
Start by taking this 50 question Chicago Tribune quiz...all REAL Chicagoans should have no problem...right?

Have problems, try Quiz about Quiz 3?

How did you do? If you scored below 70% don't worry...the Foreman library has a book collection that will help improve your civic and community understanding...The Chicago Collection! If you did well, the Foreman library has a host of resources to elevate your knowlege...The Chicago Collection!

The Chicago collection contains nearly 300 books, arranged by subject, that encompass all aspects of Chicago's cultural, historical, social, and recreational richness and diversity. Once you immerse yourself in these works, your connection with the past will deepen and appreciation of the city's present will expand. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.

CHI 000's: Encyclopedias.
  • The Encyclopedia of Chicago also available on-line.

CHI 100's: Chicago Supernatural & the Occult.
  • Ghosts, hauntings, unexplained paranormal events.

CHI 200's: Religion.
  • Currently no books in this subject classification.

CHI 300's: Social Sciences.
  • Women's studies, city planning, Chicago neighborhood & community history, venues for political conventions, Chicago labor and business history, law enforcement and crime (includes organized crime and criminals, Al Capone, The Luggart case), public housing, local colleges and universities, transportation systems.

CHI 400's: Language.
  • Currently no books in this subject classification.

CHI 500's: Natural Sciences and Math.
  • Waterways & the Chicago River, zoology and animals (including Lincoln Park Zoo).

CHI 600's: Applied Sciences, Technology, Home Econ.
  • Eating & Drinking places: Billy Goat's Tavern.

CHI 700's: Arts and Recreation.
  • Civic art, Chicago transportation planning (airports and roadways), Chicago architecture, visual arts and artists, photographic collections, music in Chicago, Chicago sports & sports teams.

CHI 800's: Literature.
  • Civi

CHI 900's: Chicago Geography & History.
  • World's Columbian Exposition (1893), Century of Progress world's fair (1933), Chicago area guidebooks, city maps and atlases, genealogy and local graveyards, comprehensive Chicago histories, Chicago ethnic histories, collected Chicago biographies, early Chicago, Chicago during the Civil War, the Great Chicago Fire, the Iroquois Theater fire (1903) , the sinking of the Eastland (1915), Chicago Race riots (1919), 1968 Democratic National Convention, the period between Richard J. Daley and Harold Washington (1975-1983) the Harold Washington administration (1983-1987), Richard M. Daley administration (1989-2011), & individual Chicago biographies: Big Bill Thompson, Jane Byrne, Richard J. Daley and Harold Washington.

Electronic Chicago-related Resources:

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